Less Worry at Work With Personal Accident Insurance

Less Worry at Work With Personal Accident Insurance

Less Worry at Work With Personal Accident Insurance

  • Personal Accident Insurance covers serious accidents, such as those resulting in the loss of a limb, permanent loss of the use of limbs, loss of hearing or sight, and death.
  • A Personal Accident Insurance policy is perfect for people who work in labour, industrial or very physical jobs. If there is a chance you might get seriously injured on the work site, Personal Accident coverage is for you.
  • It’s also great for those who are not protected with life insurance or accident coverage through work or want to top up their existing coverage.
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Metal workers cutting a metal objects with circular saws in small workshop.

Inexpensive Peace of Mind

No matter how careful you are, accidents are going to happen. A Personal Accident Insurance Plan provides a cash payment to you or your beneficiary in the event of disability or death caused from an accident. And the money can be used to make mortgage or rent payments, pay utility bills, or for other financial responsibilities.

Coverage is divided into levels 1 and 2, where the premiums and payouts are different.

All The Time

This plan is exactly what it sounds like – it covers you all the time! So if you get hurt on the weekend, you’re still covered.

Coverage Yearly Premium Maximum Payment
Under Part A
Maximum Payment
Under Part B
All the Time – Level 1 $89.00 $50,000 $100,000
All the Time – Level 2 $139.00 $100,000 $200,000
Incidents Covered by Part A: Any Accident Not Excluded
This part of the policy covers you while you’re working around your house or working on a job site, as well as when you’re using personal transportation like a car, snow mobile, bicycle, etc. or are a pedestrian.
Incidents Covered by Part B: On a scheduled airline flight or common carrier
This part of the policy covers you while you’re travelling as a passenger on, or boarding or departing from, a scheduled airline flight, or common carrier (such as taxi, bus, subway, train, ferry, or ship), but not as an operator or member of the crew.

We also offer the “On the Move” plan, that offers more limited coverage. View it here.

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