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House Insurance

Your home is more than just a roof over your head. It’s where life is lived and memories are made. Protect all that it holds with the right insurance coverage.

Home Insurance

Renters Insurance

If you long for the hustle and bustle of high-rise life, renter insurance is for you. Renters and Tenant Insurance provides coverage for your personal belongings in case they are stolen, damaged or destroyed.

Renters Insurance

Property Policy Changes

At AMA we are continually looking for ways to make it easier for you to do business with us. As a result, we’ve worked hard to simplify the coverage we provide and reduce the number of policy types we offer.

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Condo Insurance

The white picket fence isn’t for everybody. Some of us long for the hectic high-rise life, and some of us just feel more comfortable in a smaller, cozy space. No matter your reason, if you enjoy condominium living, this is the home insurance policy to fit your needs.

Condo Insurance

Mobile Insurance

When it comes to home sweet home, some of us crave something a little more mobile! Don’t worry, there’s a home insurance policy to fit your needs too.

Mobile Home Insurance

Your Home Inventory

Recording an accurate and detailed list of almost everything in your abode will help insurance cover your prized possessions in the event of burglary, fires, flooding or other maison mishaps.

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Members Save 20% on Moving Supplies

Frogbox makes it easy to save time (and the environment) the next time you move, by delivering reusable moving boxes and supplies to your home, and then picking them up once you’ve unpacked at your new place. Being green has never been easier.

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Combine and Save

Insure both your home and auto with us and save. Check out all of our insurance discounts and benefits, and become a member today.

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Flexible Payments

Whether you prefer to pay your entire premium at once or divide it evenly and pay once a month, we’ve got a payment option for you.

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We Know Home Insurance

Home insurance can be tricky to navigate and isn’t always easy to understand. To make things a bit easier, we’ve put together some info to help answer some common questions. If you like what you see, you can also sign-up for AMA eNews to get regular updates from AMA.

What's Up With Water Damage? The Ultimate Man Cave  

Protecting Your Identity

All of our homeowner insurance policies include identity theft expense coverage, which helps pay for expenses you incur restoring your identity if it’s been stolen. This coverage comes with no additional premium, and any claim under this coverage will not affect your claims-free status.

How Shredding Can Protect Your Identity Shredding Events Schedule  

No Matter Where You Are

Chances are, your vacation home away from home is empty at times during the year. Protect your investment against theft, fire or vandalism in the off season.

Or, if you’re planning a big getaway, make sure you’re covered in case of injury or theft. Ask about travel insurance and travel medical insurance packages, so your vacation time can be spent resting and relaxing, not repairing and replacing.

Vacation Home Insurance Travel Insurance  

Save a Bunch with Your AMA Card

Your AMA membership card is your key to savings and rewards. Whether you want to look after your home or need a hand moving, you can receive instant discount or earn reward dollars when you show your card at participating partners.

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