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Auto Insurance

Our trusted insurance advisors are here to make sure you have the right insurance you need to travel worry-free.

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Home Insurance

Keep your home protected from fire and water damage, theft, and vandalism with the right insurance coverage.

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When you need us, we’re available to answer any and all of your questions about AMA Insurance. Call, email or visit us today!

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We think of our members as practically family and it’s great to see that you think of us that way, too. We’re proud and excited to be a 2016 Consumer Choice Award winner!


Insurance for Your Lifestyle

File a Home or Auto Insurance Claim Online

You’ll need a few pieces of information in order to file your claim. Visit our Claims page to get started, and when you’re ready, file a home or auto insurance claim online or call us 24 hours a day at 1-888-426-2444.

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Life, Health, and Everything Else

A strong financial plan includes the right amount of insurance coverage, whether you operate a business, are planning an adventurous getaway, or just want to cover all of your family’s financial needs.

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AMA Insurance

AMA for Young Adults

With age comes responsibility – a cliché, we know. You’ll make some great decisions as you set out to conquer the world, but you’ll also make some not-so-great ones. It’s never too soon to start building your safety net, and we’ll be here for every step of the way to get you where you want to be.

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AMA Insurance

AMA for Established Adults

You’re well on your way to freedom and great success — we know it. Whether you’re looking to start your own business, kick back in your downtown highrise, or live it up in the country, we’ll get you to your next goal with discounts on home and auto insurance, travel deals, and a membership level that supports your lifestyle.

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AMA for Experienced Adults

You definitely have the know-how, and life’s pretty good. Whether you’re travelling the world or still loving your day job, we’re here if you need a little extra assistance. Ask us about insurance policies for seniors, travel deals, and mature driver education classes.

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