Fleet Safety Online Training Programs

Fleet Safety Online Training Programs

As a leader in professional fleet safety training, we understand the importance of safe driving. That’s why we offer high-quality, up-to-date, and interactive online fleet safety training to companies across Canada.

Affordable High-Quality Online Driver Training

Managing a fleet of vehicles is challenging, especially when your company’s success and reputation relies on your employes’ safety while driving a company vehicle. Our online courses can help you keep costs down (each course is less than $50) while ensuring your drivers get the skills they need to reduce collisions and avoid injuries — all without affecting your organization’s bottom line.

Available Fleet Safety Online Courses

Our affordable interactive online courses can help improve driver behaviour. Plus, the courses can be taken when it’s convenient for your drivers and at their own discretion.

Below are just a couple of the great online courses we offer and that may be of interest to your company. Visit our website to see all our other online courses. (Note: The Demerit Reduction course is only valid for drivers with an Alberta licence.)

We will work with you to find the plans and options that benefit you and your drivers. For more information call: 1-877-567-5459.

Online Fleet Safety Course Information

Proactive Defensive Driver Improvement

AMA Fleet Online Driving Course - Proactive Defensive Driver Improvement
Learn about the causes and consequences of unsafe driving, as well as strategies for avoiding road hazards or for coping with them when they are encountered.

Online Course Details:

  • Learn about the SIPDE (Scan, Identify, Predict, Decide, Execute) system as it relates to specific driving environments.
  • Discussions on vehicle safety, driver impairments, road rules, and statistics.
  • Learn strategies on risk management, vehicle, and environmental hazards.

Cost: $48.50 plus taxes and fees
Register Now: Proactive Defensive Driver Improvement

Driver Fatigue Management
– Basic

AMA Fleet Online Driving Course: Driver Fatigue Management Basic
Employees are introduced to the dangers of driving when tired or sleep-deprived in this one-hour course. After completing this course, students are encouraged to enroll in Advanced Driver Fatigue Management.

Online Course Details:

  • Understand the impacts, risks, and warning signs of driver fatigue.
  • Learn how to recognize, understand and manage the effects of fatigue.
  • Learn the basic principles of fatigue as well as a general understanding of sleep.

Cost: $32.50 plus taxes and fees
Register Now: Driver Fatigue Management – Basic

Driver Fatigue Management
– Advanced

AMA Fleet Online Driving Course: Driver Fatigue Management Advanced
This advanced one-hour course continues to bring awareness to the dangers of driving when your employees are tired or sleep-deprived.

We recommend the Basic Driver Fatigue course be taken as a prerequisite to this one.

Online Course Details:

  • Learn how to prevent the onset of fatigue.
  • Understand how fatigue affects driving ability.

Cost: $32.50 plus taxes and fees
Register Now: Driver Fatigue Management – Advanced

Distracted Driver

AMA Fleet Online Driving Course - Distracted Driving
Distracted driving has become a serious problem and many collisions can be prevented if drivers focused on driving. Our two-part online Distracted Driver course will help your employees better understand how distraction affects drivers, and teach them strategies to cope with distracted driving.

Course Details:

  • Proactive strategies to better cope with inattention.
  • Improve driver knowledge.
  • Gain a better understand the effects of distracted driving.

Cost: $32.50 plus taxes and fees
Register Now: Distracted Driver

Winter Driving

AMA Fleet Online Driving Course - Winter Driving
Winter driving is a challenging task. Our interactive online Winter Driver fleet safety course covers the principles of driving safely on dangerous roads during heavy snow, black ice, sleet, and emergency conditions.

Course Details:

  • Learn valuable safety tips.
  • Understand visibility, traction, steering, braking and accelerating during the winter.
  • Understand moving through traffic in changing winter conditions (bridge decks, hills, freeways).
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency manoeuvres and skid recovery.

Cost: $32.50 plus taxes and fees
Register Now: Winter Driving

Online Accounts and Courses

As fleet manager, you can keep your employees’ training organized and in one location by creating an online account.

Once created, you can assign courses to employees, track employee progress, and view a record of training completed. Your online account is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our online courses are accessible from anywhere at anytime so your employees can improve their driving skills when it’s most convenient for them.

If you would like more information please call: 1-877-567-5459