Reimbursement Policy and Exclusions

Reimbursement Policy and Exclusions

If a member chooses to contact a towing company other than CAA/AAA for services, reimbursements are limited to set club rates. In some instances, the amount refunded to a member will be less than the actual expense paid for the service. Submit the unaltered itemized receipt to AMA within 30 days of service for reimbursement consideration. Service receipts must have been issued from a registered company.


Note: While AMA can’t reimburse members from other CAA clubs, your own club sure can! So contact your home club for more information.

The following are not covered under AMA memberships or reimbursements:

  • Second or additional trips by a service person on any one call, including re-tows from residence to repair facility
  • Service to vehicles driven into areas not designed for public travel. (i.e.: off road, including private commercial roads, vacant lots, creek beds, frozen lakes, oilfield roads, construction sites, forestry roads, etc.)
  • Service to vehicles without valid licence plates
  • Towing under police direction for infractions of the law
  • Cost of tire/mechanical repairs
  • Cost of fuel beyond what is covered under Plus and Premier membership
  • Cost of parts and supplies
  • Storage and impound fees
  • Vehicle rental expenses other than what is covered under Premier membership
  • Taxi/Ferry/Toll/Permit charges
  • Kilometre charges over the membership level coverage

Vehicles Not Eligible For Service

  • For-hire vehicles (taxis/limousines)
  • Buses
  • Ambulances
  • Or as deemed by CAA/AAA

Home lockout exclusions:

Home lockout reimbursement service is reserved for a Premier member’s primary residence (address on the member’s file) and excludes all other buildings or locked areas. The service provides up to $100 for the cost of re-keying, changing locks, making a new key or otherwise gain entry to the home. Any charges more than $100, as well as all charges associated with any other residential locksmith services, are at the expense of the Premier member. Receipts provided for reimbursement must be made out to the Premier member and be completed by a licensed commercial locksmith. Premier coverage must be effective prior to date of locksmith service receipt, as pre-existing situations are not covered.

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