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Keep Your Car Running

When should I plug my car battery in for the winter? What should my tire pressure be? Is one windshield washer fluid better than another? If you’re not 100% sure, read our tips on winter car maintenance and become an automotive repair guru.

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Safe Ride Home

Safe Ride Home can help you get back to your home base if medical treatment, physical injury, or another physical impairment keeps you from driving.

If you’re sick, recovering from an eye appointment, or for any other reason you don’t think you can drive home safely, use one of your regular service calls per year. We’ll send a tow truck to get you and your vehicle home again.

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Bike Assist

Whether you bike to get to work, to run errands, or just to get around, finding yourself stranded with a flat tire or broken chain is a major hassle. Or at least it was.

You can now use one of your annual service calls to get help if your bicycle breaks down; just show your membership card when our truck arrives.

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