How to Know if You Need a Battery Test or a New Battery

Five Signs of a Weak Battery

Man calling for AMA roadside assistance

1. Difficulty Starting

If your engine won’t start, has difficulty starting in normal temperatures, or you hear a clicking sound when you turn your key, there’s a good chance you could have a dead or dying battery.

Car gauge cluster with battery warning light lit

2. Dashboard Warning Light

If the battery warning light on your dashboard comes on, it indicates a problem with the battery charging system. There could be a variety of causes but as your battery is the heart of your electrical system, it should be the first thing tested.

close-up of a car's HID headlight

3. Weak Electrical Components and Flickering Headlights

Your battery supplies power to all your vehicle’s electrical components. If you’ve noticed issues with power windows, power seats, radio, interior lights, or have dim or flickering headlights, it may be a sign of a battery in need of replacement.

corrosion on car battery terminal

4. Corrosion and Leaks

While corrosion on a vehicle’s battery posts or terminals can just be normal wear and tear, it can also be a sign of a more serious problem such as a battery leak or a battery that’s producing too much gas. Look for excessive white/blue deposits around your battery terminals. It you see cracks in the battery case or any dripping fluid, it’s a sure sign of a battery leak that requires a battery replacement.

Warning sign on roadside while car gets serviced

5. Swollen Battery or Rotten Egg Smell

Batteries produce hydrogen gas, which is vented. If a battery has been internally damaged due to extreme temperatures, it can produce excess gas and swell. An overheating battery can also produce a rotten egg smell. Batteries with these symptoms can explode. If your battery is showing either of these issues, stay away from it, don’t drive your vehicle, and request CAA Battery Service.


What to Do if You Have a Weak or Dead Battery

Battery service is available to AMA/CAA members only. Keep in mind that you’ll need your membership number before you can request battery service. Request a Battery Test

If the AMA roadside service operator finds that your vehicle battery is damaged or discharged and needs to be replaced, they’ll swap and install a new battery for you on the spot. Get a Quote for a New Battery

Other ways to get battery service:

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