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Nobody gets a charge out of Battery Service like AMA

We’re passionate about our industry-leading batteries, which are exclusively priced for members and installed for free. We even come to you! Because that’s what family does.

Mobile Battery Testing

The average car battery has the endurance of a celebrity marriage: about three to five years. Book a test with CAA Battery Service to avoid an unexpected breakdown.

Battery Boosts

Improper boosts can have shocking consequences. Our professionals will get you going without putting you or your vehicle at risk.

Delivered & Installed

Battery prices in Alberta rarely include installation – which is a bit like selling soup without a spoon. But at AMA, our batteries are always delivered and installed, at no extra charge.

Why Choose CAA Premium Batteries

  • Great for Alberta’s Extreme Temperatures

    The CAA Premium Battery meets or exceeds all manufacturers’ specifications for cold-cranking amps and reserve capacity. In English? They won’t let you down in Alberta’s extreme temperatures.

  • Member-Exclusive Pricing & Service

    Our member – exclusive pricing is among the lowest in Alberta for installed (non-DIY) batteries.

  • Industry-Leading 6-year Warranty

    Every CAA Premium Battery comes with an industry-leading six-year warranty, including free replacement in the first three years.

  • Environmentally Friendly Disposal

    When you buy your new battery from AMA, we handle the eco-friendly disposal of your old one.

CAA Mobile Battery Service

3 Ways to Obtain Your Battery Service

AMA’s Award Winning Service – Where you need it, when you need it.


Contact us online if your battery is dead and you need a boost, or you think it’s time to have your battery checked by our experts.

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Whether you need a boost, free test or a new battery, booking service is as easy as picking up the phone and calling AMA.


Lube City

Stop by any participating Lube City to get the same deal: free testing, member-exclusive pricing and free installation on CAA Premium Batteries.

Find a Lube City Near You

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CAA Premium Batteries, delivery, installation and disposal are available to AMA members. Not a member?


Battery Facts and Care

Batteries need attention and care too, and should be included as part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Our expert advice can help you avoid costly repairs down the road.

Battery FAQs

You can trust our battery technicians for general information about batteries, boosting, warranties, and more.

Our Experts Have the Answers

What is a Battery Tender?

Batteries shouldn’t be left unattended for long periods. A battery tender is the perfect device to keep it fully charged while you are away.

Find the Right Battery Tender for You

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