Online New Driver Classroom

Online New Driver Classroom

Online New Driver Classroom

Now you can learn the fundamentals of driving from the comfort of your own home, with Canada’s first Online New Driver Program. Just think of the time you’ll save driving them to and from class.

All of the content in the program has been approved by Alberta Transportation. It provides a great foundation of learning, so you’re prepared for your in-vehicle lessons with the driving school of your choice.

What to Expect from Our Online Classroom

The Online New Driver Program is great for busy families (is there such a thing as an un-busy family?), self-motivated students and, if English is a second language, it provides the opportunity to pause, replay and follow along with the transcripts.

Program Features

  • 15 hours of interactive content, videos, and exercises that can be taken at your own pace
  • 19 modules of learning
  • Alberta Transportation Final Exam (80% passing grade required)

Full List of Modules & Program Information

Prices & Savings

Our Online New Driver Program costs $119 for AMA members, or $199 for non-members — that’s an $80 discount with an AMA membership. Join AMA today to take advantage of all of the benefits, including instant savings, insurance discounts, and member rewards.

Register Now

After clicking 'register now', your first step will be to create the student profile login account as either an AMA member or non-member. Enter the email address of the new driver and create a password, and don’t forget to share it with them.