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Online New Driver Program 

Learn at your own pace (up-to 60 days) with online driver education training, virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

What You Can Expect

  • 15 hours of interactive online content
  • Progress checkpoints to test your understanding of the content
  • Flexible timelines
  • 24/7 online access

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In-Class New Driver Program 

Access the most up-to-date driver education curriculum, hands-on activities and interactive content.

What You Can Expect

  • 18 hours of classroom learning
  • Group activities & videos
  • Access to evening & weekend class times
  • Locations across Alberta

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What Customers Are Saying About Us

“I took the AMA in-car training a couple weeks ago and I got my licence a week and a half ago! Sherien was the best instructor ever! She made me feel so much more comfortable and confident while driving, and I understood the rules of the road so much better afterwards.”

– Rachel, Grande Prairie

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Driver Education Tools and Resources


Learner’s Licence Studying Tools

When you need help studying for your learner’s licence, we have some tools and information to help you get started. Register for our 90-minute Online Class 7 Learner’s Licence Prep Course to help you study for your Class 7 Learner’s test. There’s also the free Online Learner’s Licence Practice Exam for iPhone and Android, which helps you prepare for the actual exam.

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Coaching Resources for Parents

Every minute of coaching helps, and as parents a lot of that responsibility falls onto our laps. Download our free Coaching Guide for some extra assistance with training the new driver in your family and use our online coaching tool for a more interactive experience.

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Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL)

In Alberta, the Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) requires all new drivers, regardless of age, to complete one year as a learner before they can take the road test and start driving on their own. This helps new drivers build their driving skill set over time in low-risk environments, and ensures that, no matter your age when you start driving, you have the right support and experience to become a safe and more confident driver for life.

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