Safe Performance Trailering Course - Fleet Safety

Help teach your drivers proper hitching, turning, backing, and pulling procedures on various road surfaces and conditions. Our Safe Performance Trailering course offers information about the equipment your drivers use, and their own personal safety. Classes also cover typical hazards on the road and the skills needed to deal with them.

Learn in the Office with Interactive DVDs

Our Safe Performance Trailer course is also available as an interactive DVD. Employees can improve their driving knowledge conveniently, at their own pace, right in the office. Training can be worked into any schedule or safety meeting, and each DVD comes with an interactive facilitator guide and quiz.

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Course Details:

  • A written report is provided to the employer
  • Includes a vision test
  • Get information on equipment concerns and personal safety
  • Become aware of trailering problems and typical hazards
  • Learn how to properly operate trailers up to eight metres in length

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 6.5 hr(s)