Safe Performance Backing Course - Fleet Safety

Our Safe Performance Backing course helps your drivers learn through a combination of in-class and in-vehicle sessions. The in-vehicle session focuses on normal urban or rural driving that incorporate backing activities. These are designed to enhance a driver’s backing skill and increase awareness of common backing problems.

Learn in the office with our interactive DVD

Our Safe Performance Backing course is also available as an interactive DVD. Employees can improve their driving knowledge conveniently, at their own pace, right in the office. Training can be worked into any schedule or safety meeting and each DVD comes with an interactive facilitator guide and quiz.

Purchase your DVD online.

Course Details:

  • A written report is provided to the employer
  • Includes a vision test
  • Familiarize yourself with special equipment
  • Learn steering and viewing techniques
  • Understand proper safe backing communication
  • Understand how backing is affected by speed, blind spots, and traffic

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 6.5 hr(s)