Recreational Vehicles (RV Smart)

Our half-day course helps new and experienced RVers strengthen their skills when handling an RV, camper, or trailer, with an emphasis on safety, towing, braking, parking, hazard awareness, and accident prevention. Feel free to bring a companion to learn along with you, since nobody likes to RV alone — and don’t forget that your AMA membership gives you an additional discount on this program.

Call 1-833-374-8733 or email us for more information and pricing details.

Course Details:

  • Understand your propane hookups, hitching, tires, and weight distribution safety
  • Learn RV-exclusive safety (towing, braking, parking, hazard awareness and prevention)

$389 AMA Members Plus Taxes & Fees | $469 Non-Members Plus Taxes & Fees

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Duration: 4 hr(s)