Proactive Defensive Driver - Fleet Safety

Proactive/Defensive Driver is a highly interactive course geared towards drivers who would like to improve their proactive driving skills or brush up on company policies and safe driving procedures.

Focusing on the needs and issues associated with workplace-based driving, this classroom session takes the concept of Proactive/Defensive driving and attaches a proven model of behavioral change. By taking drivers through a process of reflection and self-assessment, they work on developing an action plan for safe driving.

Drivers who successfully complete this one-day course can visit any Alberta Registries to get up to three of their demerits removed.

Course Details:

  • Reduced up to three demerit point from your driver's abstract.
  • Modules on the Highway Transportation system; the Traffic Safety Act; driver, vehicle, and environmental issues; driver impairments; risk perception and management; driver solutions

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 6.5 hr(s)