Hazard Awareness (Full Day) Course - Fleet Safety

The full-day Hazard Awareness training course builds on our half-day Hazard Awareness course, and includes classroom, driving instruction, an in-vehicle (road and track) program, and group discussion. It provides your drivers with a greater awareness of hazards they may encounter in their daily drive, and drivers will also go over basic vehicle handling skills of braking, steering, and vision.

Drivers who successfully complete the course can visit any Alberta Registries to get up to three of their demerits removed by taking this Light Vehicle Professional Driver Improvement course.

Course Details:

  • Includes vision and written tests
  • Gain knowledge of hazardous roadway manoeuvres
  • Learn vehicle and environmental hazards and solutions
  • Know risk perception and management on the road
  • Understand driver fitness and impairments
  • Understand the highway transportation system

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 7.5 hr(s)