Driver Evaluation Assessment - Fleet Safety

Want to know how your drivers stack up? We’ll bring in a neutral third party to provide an objective assessment on their road performance. This helps you prevent vehicle abuse and reduce collision costs, and gives your drivers more knowledge and confidence on the road.

A written report on each driver, including an assessment of overall risk and cost factors from driver-induced vehicle wear and tear will be provided upon completion, which gives you a powerful tool for follow-up with your employees.

The evaluation can be conducted at or near a worksite, or at an AMA Centre, and can take place in a company or AMA vehicle.

Course Details:

  • General knowledge test of traffic safety
  • Hand-eye coordination assessment
  • Road evaluation in urban, rural, or combined setting
  • Attitudinal assessment
  • Includes vision and written tests

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 1.75 hr(s)