Collision Avoidance Course - Fleet Safety

Designed for participants with significant driving experience, the Collision Avoidance course upgrades driver awareness by increasing vehicle knowledge, driving behaviour, and basic driving skills. The course also introduces advanced driving skills, which can be further developed in our Advanced Vehicle Control course.

Drivers who successfully complete the course can visit any Alberta Registries to get up to three of their demerits removed by taking this Light Vehicle Professional Driver Improvement course.

A written report based on the road evaluation and remedial road training sessions is also compiled after completion of this program.

Course Details:

  • Includes vision and written tests
  • Understand threshold/ABS braking, slalom, and simple evasive manoeuvres
  • Learn hazard avoidance - simple evasive, brake-and-avoid, and off-road recovery
  • Understand basic vehicle control skills - steering, braking, and visual search
  • Learn proper driving procedures and pertinent driving regulations
  • Gain awareness of road hazards, proactive strategies, and vehicle handling skil
  • Understand the highway transportation system

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 8 hr(s)