Advanced Vehicle Control Program - Fleet Safety

Our Advanced Vehicle Control program helps drivers understand how their behaviour affects their vehicle’s performance, with a focus on speed, danger awareness, and developing vehicle control skills.

Drivers who successfully complete the course can visit any Alberta Registries to get up to three of their demerits removed by taking this Light Vehicle Professional Driver Improvement course.

Also Available:
Advanced Vehicle Control/4WD/SUV version. Give us a call or send us an email for more information.

Course Details:

  • Adopt the proactive rather than the defensive approach to driving
  • Gain awareness of dangers in the driving environment
  • Knowledge of personal limitations
  • Learn advanced vehicle control concepts and skills
  • Learn in a combination of in-class and on-track sessions
  • Includes vision and written tests

Course Type(s):

Student Type(s):

Duration: 8 hr(s)