New Drivers Program

What to Expect From AMA's New Driver Program

We want you to be truly comfortable and safe behind the wheel and set you up for a lifetime of safe driving.


Anxiety is totally normal, driving is a big deal, and a big responsibility. If you’re even the slightest bit nervous, we recommend taking driver training. Our instructors have experience with nervous new drivers, have the patience and have the training to help you safely learn how to drive.

Meet our Instructors

We know not everyone has a car or a coach available to practice with, and practice is very important when learning to drive. We say at least 40 hours of in-car practice is key. Our programs offer different levels of in-car practice depending on which you choose, with our Ultimate Program offering the most. No matter which program you choose, you can always add more in-car training time.

You don’t need to own a car to hold your licence. If getting a car is not in your immediate future, you can still start the process.

With the Graduated Driver's Licence program in Alberta, getting your full licence is at least a 3-year process. We recommend starting your licence as soon as you’re ready and able, even if the thought of owning a car is a long way off.

Our three New Driver programs are: Basic, for drivers who have some driving experience; Premium, for those with little experience; and Ultimate, for new drivers with little or no driving experience.

AMA Members Save Up To $140 on a New Driver Course-

which could cover the cost of a new membership, but you might qualify for an associate membership. Driver’s Ed grads also get a coupon worth up to $200 off their AMA Auto Insurance policy.


Driver education teaches you key skills and driver awareness that can be difficult to learn without professionally developed programs and time in-car with a licenced driving instructor.

With AMA driver training, you’re getting the confidence you need to set you up for success:

• We don’t cut corners. We include far more than the basic requirements for passing the road test in all our programs. We focus on teaching you everything you need to know so that you are prepared for real world situations.

• It can mean cheaper insurance: with our Driver’s Ed Basic, Premium and Ultimate programs you get a discount on your AMA insurance premium right off the top.

Ultimately, we know driver training makes safer and more confident drivers. Our goal is to support you, no matter what the road has in store.

Anxiety and Learning to Drive

No Car or Coach Available?

You Don't Need a Car to Get Your Licence

What Happens in Driver Training?

In-Class Instruction - Online or in a Classroom

The In-Classroom Experience

The traditional classroom program is 18 hours of in-class training. We say it’s ‘traditional,’ but our program is the most up-to-date and interactive in the industry. We maximize learning through hands-on activities and interactive content. We prepare you for a proactive approach to driving, rather than defensive.

What does this mean? Our programs are very visual, incorporating videos and demonstrations that show proper driving techniques to help prepare you for your in-car lessons.

Passing the Classroom Session

To Pass the In-Class Part of the Program, You Need:
  • A passing grade of 80% on the exam
  • Full attendance
Scheduling Conflict

We’re flexible because we get it — life gets busy. If your miss a classroom session, you can make it up. Just Contact Us to reschedule to another date or location at no additional cost.

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The Online Experience

Our Online New Driver Program is perfect for self-motivated students, as it allows you to take the program from the comfort of home (or wherever’s most convenient).

Our Online New Driver Program Offers:
  • The same quality program as our in-class option
  • Transcripts
  • The ability to replay lessons

Our Online New Driver program has 15 hours of interactive content, videos, and exercises that can be taken at your own pace.

Once you’re registered, you have up to 30 days to complete the online classroom from your date of purchase. (This does not include your in-car portion.)

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Practice Exam

Looking to get your Learner’s Licence? Need some help before you do? Give our Class 7 practice exam a try. While it won’t give you the actual exam questions, you will get an idea for what you can expect before you head in to write the test. Still need a little more help? Here are a few more study resources to get you started.

Prove Your Knowledge

What Does AMA Driver Education Teach In-Car?

Our one-on-one in-car instruction allows us to work closely with you to make sure you understand all the key driving concepts and manoeuvers.

If you’re eager to get in a vehicle with one of our instructors, please give us a call 1-833-374-8733 so we can discuss current wait times and individual scheduling needs.

We also allow enough time between lessons for you to absorb the information. We want you to get it – for life.

  • In-car lessons are booked in 2-hour sessions.
  • We recommend that having the foundation of knowledge from at least 3 classroom sessions (or half the class) be completed prior to your first in-car lesson.

Your driving instructor will work with you on the pacing of the program: if you need a little more practice with any of the manoeuvers or concepts, they’ll work with you to make sure the program fits your needs.

At the end of your in-car lessons, if you still feel like you could benefit from a few extra in-car hours, don’t worry, we offer Brush-Up Lessons which can be customized to your own driving needs.

Each of our three main New Driver programs have in-car instruction included. The Basic program includes 10 in-car instruction hours. The Premium program includes 14, and the Ultimate program includes 20 in-car instruction hours.

In-Car Lessons Booking

You will book your in-car lessons once you’re ½ of the way through your In-Class lessons. Demand varies by season, so try to book your lessons as early as you can.


*There is a $50 rescheduling fee for missed lessons.

Manual Transmission in In-Car Lessons

Lessons in a manual transmission equipped vehicle are only available in Calgary, Red Deer, and Edmonton for students that choose the New Driver Ultimate or Premium programs.

If you would prefer to take your in-car lessons driving a manual transmission, please be aware that this option does have a longer wait time as we have a limited number of manual transmission instructors.

We don’t recommend this option to students who don’t have a manual transmission vehicle to practice on.

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