Mature Driver Course

Our senior driver refresher course encourages discussion about the changes in rules and regulations, new technologies in driving to help experienced drivers stay on the road for as long as safely possible.

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Senior Driver In-vehicle Evaluation

Maintaining one’s driving is important for independence and mobility. Our confidential evaluation will provide you with feedback and recommendations on areas that require improvement.

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Brush-up Lessons

No matter what driving skill you want to improve – winter driving or learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle – our brush-up lessons can be customized to suit your needs.

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Planning an RV Road Trip?

If you enjoy vacationing on the open road, try our half-day RV Smart course to strengthen your skills for handling an RV, camper or trailer. The course focuses on safety, towing, braking, parking, hazard awareness and accident prevention.

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As we age, our flexibility and agility tend to diminish, so vehicle fit and comfort are key to safety. This AMA program helps ensure seniors are seated correctly in their cars so they can continue to operate their vehicle safely.

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CAA Seniors Driving Website

Age-related changes are a fact of life, but they should not stop you from enjoying your freedom on the road. Being aware of how aging affects your performance on the road is the first step to managing it.

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