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Online Lessons with In-Vehicle Training

Whether you're a student who wants an introduction to driver education, just moved to Alberta from another province, or new to driving in Canada, trust the largest and most up-to-date driver education training school in Alberta.


Pricing Information

No Compromise on Safety

We’re dedicated to helping Albertans become safe drivers for life. Every year, approximately 12,000 students across the province trust us to teach them the skills they need to feel safe and confident behind the wheel.

15 Hours of Online Lessons

  • Take your time and learn at your own pace, up to 60 days, to complete the online lessons
  • Learn vehicle basics through interactive videos and exercises
  • Track your understanding and progress with checkpoints and tests throughout the curriculum
  • Online lessons available 24-hours a day from any computer

4 Hours of In-vehicle Lessons

  • Our expert instructors provide one-on-one instruction and will determine your skill level and adjust the lessons based on your level of experience
  • Learn the basic manoeuvres
  • We’ll pick you up at an AMA centre
  • Our instructors are available for lessons in the mornings, afternoons, evenings, and weekends
  • Learn to drive in an automatic transmission vehicle

Important Information

  • This course does not qualify for a Course Completion Certificate for an Insurance Discount.

Upgrade Your Course Anytime

  • If you decide you would like more in-vehicle training, you can upgrade to any other program and just pay the difference in cost

Register for the Safe Performance Value Driving Program:

Members: $419 | Non-members: $499

Price does not include GST.