Alberta Licence Knowledge Testing:Written Driver’s Exams


AMA Centres across the province sell and administer all classes of Knowledge Tests (aka the written drivers test or written drivers exam) for Class 1 to Class 7 and Air Brake endorsements.

This means that once you’ve studied for your Knowledge Test, you can come into any AMA centre to write the exam. You will take your exam on a computer at one of our Registry stations.

We start wrapping up our knowledge testing for the day 45 minutes before the centre closes. This is to allow enough time to complete any last-minute tests and to issue any licences required to students who pass. )

Before you can write the Driver Knowledge Test, you will need to show some documentation (ID).

Available Written Knowledge Tests for Drivers Licensing

Personal Licensing

Class 7: Learners (2-axle, motorcycle & moped)

Class 6: Motorcycle & moped

Professional Licensing

Class 1: Professional (any vehicle)

Class 2: Professional (bus)

Class 3: 3-axle plus

Class 4: Professional (taxi, ambulance)

Air Brake: Vehicles equipped with air brakes (“Q” endorsement)

Knowledge Test Pricing

Knowledge Test (Class 1-7 & Air Brake): $17.60

Knowledge Test (English Audio): $31.25

If you choose to have the Class 7 test done with English Audio, you can purchase headphones from us for $2 and they’ll be yours to keep after the test is completed. If you prefer, you can also use your own headphones during the exam.

Knowledge Test (Oral Administration or Translation): $31.25

Reprint of Knowledge Test Permit (Lost or Destroyed Permit): $12.35


Learners Licence (Class 7) Prep: Need some help getting ready for your Learner’s Licence written exam? No sweat, we have some excellent resources to help you get prepared!

Motorcycle Licence (Class 6) Prep: We have both the Class 6 Motorcycle/Moped knowledge exam and road test available, we have some excellent resources to help you get prepared! We always recommend taking a certified motorcycle riding course for all new riders.

Under 18?

If you’re under the age of 18 and your parent (or a close family member) is a member, that’s okay too. We can verify their relationship to you in person or over the phone. However, if this is your first time taking a knowledge test, you will need a parent with you at the registry office in order to fill out a written consent form (Consent for a Minor — REG138)


We recommend reviewing the Alberta Commercial Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Trucks, Buses, Emergency Responders and Taxis before your written exam.


These are the general requirements for you to upgrade to a Professional Licence in Alberta.

To upgrade to a professional driver’s licence you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a full class 5 licence – no probationary drivers can apply.
  • Pass a knowledge test and vision screening– both can be taken through AMA Registries.
  • Provide a medical report. Medical forms can be obtained from your doctor or through AMA Registries; your doctor must complete the form.
  • Ensure any outstanding fines are paid
  • Pass any required training sessions and road tests

If there is any doubt to your eligibility status, please contact AMA Registries by calling 1-866-989-6370 or come into any AMA centre.

Airbrake Endorsement:

You will need to complete your airbrake program training session & practical test before you can take your knowledge test at any AMA Registry. For more information check the Alberta Air Brake Program.


AMA is proud to offer road testing (in vehicle driving exams) at most of our locations for Class 5 (GDL) Basic, Class 5 Advanced, Class 6 Motorcycle & Moped, and Class 4 Taxi and Ambulance licences.

You can book online, over the phone, or in person at any of our centres.

Driver Training

Whether a new driver or a professional driver, we offer the best driver training programs in the province. We have been doing driver and advanced driver training for over 80 years and are exceptionally proud of helping create safe and confident drivers.