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Even experienced drivers can use a refresher. Brush up on your skills with our refresher courses.

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New to Alberta?

You may already know how to drive, but are you familiar with Alberta’s rules of the road. Our Safe Performance Value course is available in classroom and online formats.

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Reduce Demerits

Oops…mistakes can happen but those demerits can cause you trouble down the road. Take three demerits off your licence while improving your driving with our defensive driving course.

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Never Forget to Renew

Never forget to renew your vehicle registration with exclusive access to Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew. Save yourself time and travel with this convenient online services or stop by an AMA centre to speak with a Registries specialist.

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With an AMA membership, help is only a phone call away. Not only do you have peace of mind while on the road, you get great savings on all of the things you do every day.

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How Are the Roads?

Use AMA Road Reports to avoid heavy traffic flow, construction, dangerous road conditions and accidents…and plan a smooth trip. Follow our highway cameras to get updated images from across Alberta.

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