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We have programs for drivers of all ages – from new drivers to seniors. If you are looking to improve specific driving skills, or if you have some driving concerns, we have the perfect option for you. Our course options can include in-class, on road, or online – find a program that fits your needs.


We have a variety of courses from developing winter driving skills to learning how to park an RV. We also offer demerit reduction driving programs where you can learn advanced driving techniques and remove up to 3 demerits from your driving record upon successful completion. Whatever your driving situation, AMA is here to help you get on the road safely.


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In-Class/On-Road Courses

In-class and in-vehicle courses are practical and hands-on, with direct instruction and examination.

Whether you want to improve your winter driving skills, learn to drive a manual transmission vehicle, or are new to Alberta, our in-car brush-up lessons can be customized to suit your needs. There is a minimum two-hour booking for in-car lessons.

  • Learn to drive a manual transmission
  • Learn to drive in winter, at night, or under extreme road conditions
  • Learn the best ways to parallel park
  • Understand driving practices for highways and freeways
  • Keep your skills sharp as you age, with aging driver lessons
  • Upgrade a driving mark for the successful completion of our New Driver program
  • Brush up prior to a road test
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If you enjoy vacationing on the open road, try out half-day RV Smart course to strengthen your skills for handling an RV, camper or trailer.

  • Safety
  • Towing
  • Braking & Parking
  • Propane hook up
  • Hitching
  • Accident Prevention
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Whether you’re a student who wants an introduction to driver education, you just moved to Alberta from another province, or you’re new to driving in Canada, trust the largest and most up-to-date driver education training school in Alberta. The Safe Performance Value Online driving program is good for experienced drivers who want to understand Alberta driving standards and practices. Includes 4 hours of in-car training.

Become a safer and more confident winter driver with our Winter Driving Program. Take a 2 hour in-car lesson with one of our provincially certified instructors and put your new safe winter driving skills to use.

What you’ll learn:

  • one-on-one instruction on winter driving practices related to braking, steering and accelerating
  • proactive winter driving tips
  • how to complete vehicle checks
  • about essential winter driving survival equipment
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Price Varies

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Online Courses

Our online courses are accessible from anywhere at any time, so you can improve your driving skills when it’s most convenient for you.

More time spent on the road may increase the likelihood of aggressive driving behaviours. This course helps you develop strategies to keep cool behind the wheel.

This course helps you understand and reduce the risks caused by aggressive driving. You’ll learn to break bad habits such as speeding, tailgating, and weaving in and out of traffic, and:

  • Master skills to manage aggression
  • Recognize the causes of aggressive driving

Our Demerit Reduction Defensive Driver interactive online course (certified by Alberta Transportation) covers the causes and consequences of unsafe driving, which can be completed at your own pace and includes a multiple-choice exam at the end.

  • Participants will receive a certificate if they score at least 80% on their exam and can visit any Alberta Registries to get up to three of their demerits removed.

This quick and interactive program will help your drivers understand how attention capacity affects drivers and will teach them strategies to cope with distracted driving.

This is a quick and interactive program helps drivers:

  • Develop proactive strategies to better cope with inattention
  • Gain a better understanding of the effects of distracted driving

Our Driver Fatigue Management – Basic online course is designed to introduce you to the dangers of driving when tired or sleep-deprived.

  • Understand the impacts, risks, and warning signs of driver fatigue
  • Learn the basic principles of fatigue as well as a general understanding of sleep
  • Learn how to recognize, understand and manage the effects of fatigue

Our Advanced Driver Fatigue Management course builds upon what was learned in the Basic course, and is designed to bring awareness to your drivers of the dangers of driving when they are tired or sleep-deprived.

  • Learn how to prevent the onset of fatigue
  • Develop a deeper understanding of how fatigue affects driving ability

These Fuel-Efficient driver courses have proactive driving tips to help raise driver awareness as well as provide drivers with a range of effective strategies and driving techniques to help them drive in a safer and more fuel efficient manner.

Our online Proactive Defensive Driver Improvement course can help improve your daily driving. You'll be more aware of the causes and consequences of unsafe driving.

This is a quick and interactive video based online assessment to help gauge your levels of proactive driving skills. Our video-based Proactive Driver Assessment allows you to gauge your driving skills by placing you in a series of potential and realistic driving situations and evaluating your reactions.

Learn how to avoid hazards common with parking and backing up your vehicle. Our Safe Backing online course will help you develop your parking and backing skills to keep yourself, your vehicle, and others safe. They will learn:

  • How-to spot and avoid problem situations
  • How-to be aware of driveway dangers
  • How-to recognize backing assistance signals
  • Safe backing procedures, safe turning, and how to use a spotter

This course helps you become safer and more confident driving with a trailer.

This course covers trailering in rural and urban areas. Drivers learn how to avoid hazards, how-to properly load and secure cargo, and how to drive with a trailer in extreme weather conditions. You will learn:

  • How-to negotiate different driving environments
  • How-to incorporate preventative safety measures
  • Safe parking and backing methods with a trailer

Our Online Winter Driving course teaches participants some of the most common driver response skills necessary to handle typical winter road emergencies. Includes vision test.

Drivers learn how to safely drive on Alberta’s dangerous roads during heavy snow, black ice, sleet, and emergency conditions with our interactive online Winter Driver course, including:

  • Evasive manoeuvres
  • Threshold/ABS braking
  • Advanced steering techniques
  • Basic winter vehicle handling skills of braking, steering, and vision
  • Winter driving tips, techniques and survival strategies


We have specialized programs and services to help you evaluate and improve your driving skills as a senior driver. We know driving is important for independence and mobility, and we want you to enjoy the freedom of the open road safely and with confidence for as long as possible.



The Alberta Impaired Drivers Program (AIDP) helps keep Alberta’s roads safer by offering education and support to individuals convicted with impaired driving.




All of our instructors are fully licenced, go through rigorous interviews, ongoing training, and professional development (twice per year). We have the #1 instructor training program, far surpassing regulations – we test and train our instructors to deal with any situation. And we can assure you, our instructors do everything they can to make any traditional classroom programs anything but boring.


We have the top in-car driving instructors in Alberta. You can trust our experience to provide highly effective hands-on-learning in your in-car lessons.

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