Testing Hours

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Don’t rush your test. Come into any AMA centre to write your knowledge test, up to 45-minutes before closing time. This gives you enough time to write your test and for us to issue your driver’s licence once you’re done.

Available Tests

  • Class 1: Professional (any vehicle)
  • Class 2: Professional (bus)
  • Class 3: 3-axle plus
  • Class 4: Professional (taxi, ambulance)
  • Class 6: Motorcycle & moped
  • Class 7: Learners (2-axle, motorcycle & moped)
  • Air Brake: Vehicles equipped with air brakes (“Q” endorsement)

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Required ID

Before you can write a Driver Knowledge Test, you’ll need to show documentation (ID).

  • One piece of government-issued photo ID
  • One piece of documentation providing proof of Alberta residency


Who Can Take the Exam?

Driver Knowledge Testing is available exclusively to AMA members who want to write their Class 1 to Class 7, or air brake written exam. If you’re under the age of 18 and your parent (or close family member) is an AMA member, that works too. We can verify their relationship to you in person or over the phone. If you’re a minor and this is your first time taking a knowledge test, you’ll need a parent with you at the registry office to fill out a written consent form.



  • Knowledge Test (Class 1-7 & Air Brake): $17.60
  • Knowledge Test (English Audio): $31.25
  • Knowledge Test (Oral Administration or Translation): $31.25
  • Reprint of Knowledge Test Permit (Lost or Destroyed Permit): $12.35

If you choose to have the Class 7 test done with English Audio, you can purchase headphones from us for $2 and they’ll be yours to keep after the test is completed. If you prefer, you can also use your own headphones during the exam.