AMA Class 4 Licence Testing


KNOWLEDGE TEST $17.60 | ROAD TEST (45 min) $139.00

A Class 4 (professional) licence allows you to operate a taxi, ambulance, or bus (including a school or kindergarten bus) that seats fewer than 25 people, including the driver.

AMA’s here for you – we offer Class 4 knowledge tests at all of our locations, and Class 4 Road Tests that you can conveniently book online at most of our locations.

Give us a call or visit us in-centre to book, or if you have questions: 1-866-989-6370


These are the general requirements for you to upgrade to a Class 4 Licence in Alberta.

To upgrade to a Class 4 driver’s licence you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Hold a full class 5 licence – no probationary drivers can apply.
  • Pass a knowledge test and vision screening– both can be taken through AMA Registries.
  • Provide a medical report. Medical forms can be obtained from your doctor or through AMA Registries; your doctor must complete the form.
  • Ensure any outstanding fines are paid.

If you are required to operate air-brake-equipped vehicles, you must have either an air brake “Q” endorsement or a course completion certificate. For more information, check the Air Brake Program.

Preparing for your Class 4 Exam & Road Test

We recommend reviewing the Alberta Commercial Driver’s Guide to Operation, Safety and Licensing Trucks, Buses, Emergency Responders and Taxis before your written exam.


You may be nervous on test day, but we’re here to help!

Be early:

Arrive 30 minutes before your road test to pick up your prepaid test permit and confirm your eligibility. You will need this to begin your test. We will then take you to your examiner.

Bring your ID & Medical Report:

Bring your government identification. If you have a temporary licence, you will need secondary identification (e.g. Passport or Birth Certificate)

Bring your completed medical report. Medical forms can be obtained from your doctor or through AMA Registries; your doctor must complete the form.

Have your vehicle clean and ready:

You must provide a vehicle suitable for the class of test you are being tested for. For your Class 4 Road Test, you will need to use a two-axle motor vehicle or a bus with seating capacity of 25 passengers or less, including the driver.

  • You must provide proof of valid insurance and valid vehicle registration (names of each must match)
  • No passengers (including pets) will be allowed during the road test
  • See Road Test Vehicle Requirements below for more info

Your Road Test Examiner:

We only work with the best Alberta Government Certified Driver Examiners. The examiner will sit in the front passenger seat during the driving portion of your exam. You may not request a particular examiner. You will have the opportunity to let us know about your experience, and we take your feedback very seriously.

Pass your vision screening:

This will be done at our Registry office at the same time as your knowledge test – be sure to bring your glasses or wear your contacts if they are required.

Getting your licence:

Congratulations! Once you’ve passed your road test, you can come right in and get your licence!


The vehicle you provide will need to be in proper working order.

The vehicle you provide will need to be in proper working order. No refunds are available if your vehicle does not meet these standards at the time of your testing, so please be sure to check with our registry agents before you book your exam if you have any questions about your vehicle’s condition.

These are the standard requirements for road-test worthy vehicles:


  • You must provide a two-axle motor vehicle or a bus with seating capacity not exceeding 25, including the driver. Ensure that you have valid insurance and registration for the vehicle.
  • Valid registration
  • Valid insurance
  • The vehicle must be clean and free of trash

Safety (properly functioning)

  • Brakes
  • Driver and passenger doors
  • Seats & seatbelts
  • Exhaust system & muffler
  • No warning lights should be visible on your dash


  • Working brake lights, signal lights, horn, and speedometer
  • Enough fuel for the road test


  • Mirrors
  • Unobstructed windshield (no chips/cracks)
  • Non-factory tinting of glass on vehicles will not be eligible for use on a road test
  • Please remove all air fresheners, parking passes etc. that may hang from the rear-view mirror
  • Working windshield wipers & enough windshield washer fluid

If you have any questions about the condition of your vehicle, give us a call at 1-866-989-6370 or contact our registry agents where you plan on taking your road test before booking online.

AMA does not offer vehicles to rent for road tests. Rental vehicles may not be eligible for road testing purposes.You are responsible for reviewing the terms and conditions of any rental agreement to determine if your rental vehicle can be used for road testing purposes.

When a rental vehicle (i.e. Hertz, Avis) is being used for the road test, the name of the client taking the road test must be on the rental contract as the main driver or an additional driver.

Vehicles rented from daily rental services (i.e. Car2Go) may be ineligible for road test usage.


Make sure you meet the Class 4 eligibility requirements.

You must hold a valid Class 5 (non GDL) licence in order to take a road test. If you are concerned about your eligibility, please review our AMA Road Test Requirements and Eligibility page for more info.

Expired Licences: If your existing licence is expired, it will need to be renewed before going for your class 4 test.

Other Factors: these can affect your eligibility for testing.

  • Un-paid Fines
  • Meical Conditions
  • Maintenance Enforcement
  • Re-instatement Conditions
  • Proper Documentation (ID, vehicle insurance & registration, etc.)


How to reschedule or cancel your road test


You can reschedule your road test up to 24 hours in advance of your appointment time. There is a $15 re-booking fee. Give us a call or visit us in-centre to rebook: 1-866-989-6370


If you need to cancel your road test, we need a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the appointment time to notify the examiner. There is a $25 cancellation fee. Give us a call or visit us in-centre if you need to cancel: 1-866-989-6370

If the cancellation request is approved the road test will be refunded to the original payment method if possible, or an AMA gift card will be issued to the AMA member who purchased the road test.

Cancellation within 48 hours of a road test appointment is non-refundable.

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