AMA Driver Education


At AMA, we view driving as a life skill. We’re here to help you feel confident behind the wheel, whether you’re a new driver, want to improve your skills, or are thinking about your next steps as a senior driver.

We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date programs and classrooms, top instructors, and the best in-vehicle training in Alberta.

We believe you should have a strong understanding of all aspects of driving and driver responsibilities and capabilities not only when you leave our programs, but throughout your driving life.

Our programs are fully certified, and learner friendly. We review and update our course material once per year and as legislation, policies, and best driving practices change. We know new technology, new driving research, and transportation legislation impacts the drivers of Alberta, so it’s important to us that we keep our training current.

In over 80 years of Driver Training and Education, we’ve trained safe driving to over 850,000 Albertans. Annually over 10,000 new driver students, and 6,900 experienced and senior driving students trust us to teach them the skills they need to succeed.

We’re passionate about the importance of transportation and personal mobility. We work hard to be an advocate for drivers and for road safety both within the Province, and across the country. For you as a driver, we provide handbooks, prep apps, guides and informative articles to help you make informed driving decisions.

Our 149 fully licensed instructors go through rigorous interviews, ongoing training, and professional development (two times per year). We have the #1 instructor training program, far surpassing regulations – we train and test our instructors to deal with any situation.

AMA has an extensive support network across the province for Driver Training. Our 17 centres, online support, and Alberta-based call centres, offer the flexibility you need to fit your lifestyle. And remember, AMA members also have access to all of our programs and services. From the formal stuff like insurance and registration, to the fun stuff like road trip planning and savings deals we’ve got you covered.




From getting a learner’s licence to getting behind the wheel, our new driver’s programs help establish confidence and safe habits early.

We have programs for drivers of all ages – from new drivers to seniors. If you have some experience and are looking to improve specific driving skills, or if you have some driving concerns, we have the perfect option for you.

AMA’s Fleet Safety Services can build custom training programs to help your company address the unique set of hazards faced by your drivers every day.