Lock It or Lose It: Vehicle Theft Awareness & Tips

Alberta Has the Worst Auto Theft Rates in Canada

More cars and trucks are stolen here than any other province. This all adds up to hundreds of millions of dollars lost to increased insurance premiums and taxes to support police, health care, court, and corrections costs. We all end up paying. The good news? Auto theft is largely preventable when you lock your doors and hide your stuff.

62 vehicles stolen
every day


Vehicle Theft by the Numbers (Infographic)

Here’s a snapshot of auto theft across the province, along with data for your city, and the consequences you many not even be aware of.

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It's Not Just Your Car They Want

Yes, thieves steal vehicles to sell for cash or strip for parts. But motorists may not realize these two overlooked dangers that affect public safety and personal security.

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9 Smart Tips to Outwit Vehicle Thieves

Want to know how to make It hard for anyone to steal your ride (or the contents inside)? AMA experts are here to help.

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