Emergency Contact Card

Emergency Contact Card – Fill Out and Print

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It's vacation time. Your bags are packed, and you've stuffed a week's worth of clothing into your carry on. But if there's one thing you shouldn't forget to take with you on your travels, it's an emergency contact card.

Why? Well, in the event of an accident or emergency, your emergency contact card is a quick list of important names and phone numbers that police, EMS, or firefighters can reach if you’re not able to communicate (or unlock your phone). Carry it in your wallet where it can easily be found.

Remember to review your emergency contact card annually to make sure all the information is current and up to date.


Don’t Have an Emergency Contact Card?

We're here to help. Download your free emergency contact card (PDF), fill out, print, and keep it in your wallet. Every member of your family should have their own card with them when travelling.


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