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Safe Driving Takes a Community

Get Your Family Involved

Good change starts in your own home.. The Family Driving Contract gets everyone on the same page when it comes to recognizing and correcting negative driving habits. Talk to your family about safe driving, and have everyone read, understand, and sign the contract to promote safer driving, and safer roads.

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Alberta’s Youth Took the Pledge

We asked Alberta teens to harness their inner Scorsese and show us what Distracted Driving means to their communities, and boy, did they step up. These videos came from high schools in Edmonton and Calgary, and help us understand how the issue of Distracted Driving is seen through the next generation’s eyes.

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Now it’s Your Turn

It’s a simple promise: to remove dangerous actions like talking on a handheld phone, texting, or any other distractions that take your focus away from safe driving. Help us put Distracted Driving in the rear view mirror, and take the pledge.

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More Distracted Driving Resources

These resources will help ensure that your family is armed with the right smarts about what the distracted driving law means, and the best ways to make sure everyone stays focused on the road.