Vision and the Road Ahead at AMA

Vision and the Road Ahead at AMA

A Look Back

Since AMA was founded in 1926, why we are in business has never changed. We are passionate about helping members protect the things they care about most. These things include personal mobility, financial well being, giving to the community, exploring the world, their home, and caring for the environment. These fundamental things have always mattered to people, and they will be important to future generations.  People are emotionally connected to these elements in their life.

The Road Ahead

We will remain relevant to our members, and strengthen our connections with them by providing a broad selection of quality products and services at competitive prices, and with experiences that meet their emotional and practical needs.

How we will get there: The AMA Way

How we accomplish our work has always been as important as why we do it. To remain strong and relevant, we must continue to serve members in a way aligned with our vision, values, and our unique ‘Why’. This holds true for AMA as an Association, and for each individual member of our team. When we consistently follow the AMA way and focus on the needs of others, we will naturally build strong emotional connections with our members and our colleagues across the province.

Our Vision

We inspire confidence in the hearts and minds of our members to live their best life.

Our Values

We value integrity, respect, open and honest communication, excellence, innovation, collaboration and stewardship. AMA team members must model and promote these values in everything we do.

Our ‘Why’

We believe members want assurances in life, from everyday living to important life events. We help members protect the things they care about most.

Our Business

We are in the business of confidence. With AMA you are not alone.

Our Customers

We serve those people who want assurances in life — from everyday living to important life events. We are not for everyone, since not everyone believes what we believe.

Our Approach to Members

To effectively serve members, we must meet their emotional and practical needs. We will build genuine and lasting loyalty by treating them like close family and friends. Every AMA employee plays an important role in contributing to our vision.

Our Culture

Every employee is an important part of the AMA story. Treating each other like close family and friends is just as important as treating our members that way. It’s what makes our culture special.