Our Current Board of Directors

Our Current Board of Directors

The Alberta Motor Association is a membership-based organization created in 1926 pursuant to the Societies Act and then continued under as an Association pursuant to the Alberta Motor Association Act, 1938, a Special Act of the Legislature of Alberta. Under the Association’s By-Laws, the AMA is divided into six geographic regions across the province – Grande Prairie, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary, Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Each region has its own Regional Advisory Board comprised of volunteer directors chosen from among the membership.

The oversight function of the AMA is addressed through the Board of Governors who are appointed by the Regional Directors in each of the 6 established regions. As regional representation is fundamental to AMA’s governance model, the Chair of each Regional Advisory Board, plus an additional 10 Regional Directors at large, form the AMA’s provincial Board of Governors – five of whose members form the Association’s Governance Committee.


  • D. O’Neill *
  • E. Chidley
  • J. Kong *
  • D. Ross
  • J. Rule *
  • T. Bancroft


  • D. Rolf *
  • C. Goulet
  • D. Hickey *
  • S. Kashuba
  • I. Kirschner
  • B. Perkins *

Grande Prairie

  • D. Henderson *
  • L. Hanson
  • J. Simpson
  • B. Wilson *
  • V. Bliska


  • G. Lomas *
  • C. Dick *
  • A. Ashcroft
  • D. Stocker
  • D. Shapiro

Medicine Hat

  • K. Byers *
  • J. Lemire
  • E. Penzes *
  • R. White
  • D. Smith

Red Deer

  • B. Neeland *
  • M. Jones
  • J. Slipp
  • R. More

*Denotes members of the Board of Governors