What’s Your RV Personality?

Go RV experts match you with the perfect camping companion

Call us the province of happy campers: Alberta has the highest saturation of RV enthusiasts in Canada, with more than one in four people owning a recreational vehicle. Whether you’re one of those 26 per cent or have yet to discover the freedom of RV’ing, the experts at Go RV – our newest AMARewards partner – can hook you up.

RV newbies on a budget

A tent trailer is the most affordable RV option, and the lightest to tow. These folding trailers are a great, no-nonsense entry into the RV world, as they can be towed by almost any car. But don’t be fooled by their size; modern models include such amenities as hot water, showers, air-conditioning and refrigerators, and can sleep as many as eight people.

RV enthusiasts

Travel trailers are the most popular RV, as they’re easy to tow with an SUV or minivan and only require a regular hitch. They come with spacious living areas, loads of storage, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and sometimes even rooftop patios. Most models sleep between four and 10 people. And because they’re detachable, you’ll always have the use of your vehicle at the camp site.

RV’ers wanting a home away from home

Soaring ceilings, tons of space (you can even get a bi-level), and luxurious amenities make a fifth-wheel the ideal choice for people who want the true home-away-from-home experience. A typical model comfortably sleeps as many as eight people and requires a large truck to tow.

Motorsports fans

Want the security of an RV with the convenience of a garage? Toy haulers are towable travel trailers with a built-in space to store ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other toys, along with a swing-out ramp to easily load and unload. The perfect marriage of comfort and cool.

No-nonsense travellers

Don’t want to worry about hitches and oversized parking spaces? A Class B Motorhome – best known as a camper van – is for you. It has all the perks of a trailer (living area, bedroom, shower, etc) but everything is right inside your vehicle. A camper van is fuel-efficient, sleeps up to four people, and is ideal for travellers who don’t want to waste time setting up. Just park and enjoy!

Luxury road-trippers

The epitome of glamping, a Class A motorhome (bus) or Class C motorhome (smaller bunk-over) sleeps up to eight people and leaves you wanting for nothing. From slide-out rooms to entertaining areas, luxury bedrooms to thoughtful storage areas, these are the gold standard of motorhomes. Road-trippers who want to see it all in style couldn’t ask for better.


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