Give Your Students the Best Driving Advantage

Nobody knows the value of quality instruction more than a teacher. Every day in your school, you see that great teachers don’t just make a difference; they make THE difference.

As the leader in Driver Education, AMA feels the same way. In training new drivers for 80 years – almost as long as Alberta has been licensing – we’ve helped nearly a million students be proficient on the road. For us, it’s not about preparing young people to pass a test but rather preparing them for a lifetime of safe driving.

Some of the benefits of AMA Driver Education include:

  • Learning from government-certified driving instructors fluent in the safest, most up-to-date driving techniques
  • A holistic approach to Driver Ed that goes beyond the road test to prepare students for real-world traffic situations
  • Getting picked-up at school by the driving instructor
  • Full 18 hours of classroom instruction, in addition to best-in-class in-car instruction
  • For every student referred to Driver Ed through our high school program, your school will get $20 – money that adds up quickly and can be put back into your programs!

Ultimately, we want the same thing that you do for your students: empowerment, confidence and the strongest educational advantage possible. Because the safer young people are on the road, the safer we all are.

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I’m a former journalist, current AMA communications specialist, and future backup dancer for Beyonce. I’m passionate about helping members, riding motorcycles and eliminating all traces of cilantro from food.