What Does Your Gift-Wrapping Say About You?

A person’s gift-wrapping says a lot about who they are: meticulous or maverick? Economical or extravagant? Sane or not? It’s a personality test in tartan. We’ve rounded up five common techniques and decoded them for your holiday pleasure.

And don’t forget, on the Saturdays of Dec 2, 9, 16 and 23, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., AMA is offering free gift-wrapping services at Calgary Main and Edmonton South! Just show your AMA card and let us take care of the rest. Limit three gifts per member.


The Gift Bag Wrapper

Some might call gift bags the coward’s way out, but you know better. Decorative bags and boxes are just plain efficient. Why waste time measuring paper when you can stuff your present into a pre-made holiday vessel, swaddle it in tissue, and get back to your eggnog like a civilized person? Add in the fact that gift bags can be reused and you’re basically giving two gifts in one. Game on, Santa.

The Crafty Wrapper

Your motto is, don’t spend $9 on wrapping paper when you can spend $92 on craft supplies (hey, someone needs to put the “why?” in DIY). Whether it’s cookie cannisters filled with baking, a delicate satchel of homemade potpourri, or a cactus planted in a decoupage mug, you believe creative wrapping should be part of the gift. You’re just one repurposed mason jar away from Martha Stewart’s inner circle.

The Bulk Wrapper

You’re not the best with wrapping paper (when rushed, you’re actually aggressively bad) but you respect that society deems it a necessary barrier – kind of like a sneeze guard at a buffet. So, you play along, purchasing loudly patterned paper in bulk and dressing your family’s gifts like Von Trapp children. And the best part? Because your wrapping isn’t perfect, you aren’t bothered when loved ones shred it with the reckless abandon of people who’ve never purchased double-sided tape.

The Expert Wrapper

Not to be confused with the Crafty Wrapper, who foolishly believes it’s the thought that counts (pffft!), you know the truth: gift-wrap is about winning Christmas. From sprigs of holly to artisan twine, hand-stenciled butcher paper to monogrammed gift tags, your Christmas presents have more accessories than a Kardashian. The festive adornments – preserved since June in your home wrapping station – are the perfect complement to your flawlessly wrapped gifts, whose precisely aligned seams say, “I love you” and “those late nights on Pinterest paid off” all in one neat package.

The No-Wrap Wrapper

For you, the prospect of gift-wrapping is as unsettling as seeing a disheveled mall Santa taking a smoke break. Thanks to the Expert Wrappers, the expectations of ornamentation are simply too high (what’s next, having gifts delivered by carrier pigeons in bedazzled Santa hats?). Nope, you will not be taken in by Big Paper. You’re too smart for that. That’s why every Christmas, nothing stands between your presents and their recipients but the original plastic shopping bags from whence they came. With all the time and paper-cuts you save loved ones, you’re a bona fide holiday hero.

We know there’s a lot at stake when it comes to wrapping. Impress your family this season with a gift that’s been professionally wrapped by your friends at AMA. (You can take all the credit! We’re good like that.) Monetary or non-perishable food bank donations in support of AMA Fill our Fleet are welcome.

Wrapping locations:

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I’m a former journalist, current AMA communications specialist, and future backup dancer for Beyonce. I’m passionate about helping members, riding motorcycles and eliminating all traces of cilantro from food.