Who needs AMA anyway?

As more manufacturers include roadside assistance with new vehicles, it’s easy to assume you don’t need AMA. After all, why pay for something you already have (unless it’s black shoes; you can never have too many of those). Read the fine print, however, and you might be surprised to see how much you’re not getting with that free roadside assistance.

Coverage in any car

Your Manufacturer Roadside Assistance Plan (MRAP) follows your vehicle, not you. Which means if you’re on a road trip in your friend’s car, your free roadside assistance is no use. By contrast, an AMA membership follows you in almost any vehicle, so you always have the peace of mind that help is nearby.

Coverage when you need it

MRAPs won’t cover your vehicle past its ‘shiny new’ warranty period, which is a lot like giving wrinkle cream exclusively to babies. An AMA membership covers you no matter what your vehicle’s age, and offers perks that aren’t included in an MRAP, such as free delivery of new batteries (along with free battery testing) and the ability to be towed to the shop of your choice.

Coverage that goes beyond roadside

Does your MRAP give you discounts on movie tickets, savings at more than 164,000 shopping locations, access to a full-service travel agency, and entrance to member-exclusive events throughout the year? It sure doesn’t, whereas an AMA membership – you guessed it – provides all that and more.

So, who needs AMA? We’re betting you do. And we’d love to hook you up!

I’m a former journalist, current AMA communications specialist, and future backup dancer for Beyonce. I’m passionate about helping members, riding motorcycles and eliminating all traces of cilantro from food.