In The Heat Of The Night And Day

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Let’s face it, a hot day in Alberta can rival the coldest winter day in Alberta as far as comfort levels go. Sure you can hide out in an air conditioned mall, chill out in a movie theatre, or drive around in your vehicle to stay cool, but eventually you have to go home and face the heat.

Well, you can keep cool and feel comfortable in your home, too, all summer long with an air conditioning unit (AC) installed in your home. Enter our Cool Summer Contest for a chance to win a Lennox air conditioner provided by AMA Rewards partner, Reliance Home Comfort.

Buying the Right Air Conditioning Unit

When determining what AC unit to buy, Reliance Home Comfort offers these tips to think about to get you started that could also help you save money too:

  • Choose the right size. To get the most use out of your AC unit, an expert can help you determine the right size for the square footage of your home. If the unit is too small, it won’t keep the room as cool as you would like, and one that is too large, is an energy waster and can affect the humidity in your home.
  • Location. Think about where you would like to have the condensing unit outside. It will require a footprint of about 5×5 and there are certain codes that are followed in as to where the unit can be placed.
  • Noise. This is a factor when deciding what unit to have installed. A less expensive unit will typically be louder and a more efficient model will be quieter. This can be important as well if you are placing the unit by a bedroom window and/or if you have a tight property line with your neighbour. One of the best air conditioners on the market is an SL18XC16 by Lennox as you can barely hear it running!
  • Price. Just as the selection of AC units varies, so do the prices depending if you decide to rent and pay monthly or buy. Reliance Home Comfort offers financing plans as well. AMA Members save up to 25% on furnace, air conditioner and system rentals every day at Reliance Comfort Home. Here’s an example of how much you could pay monthly:
    • Rental AC monthly fee: AMA member price (with 20% discount): $55.99
      Regular price: $69.99
    • Rent a complete AC system: AMA member price (with 25% discount): $86.24
      Regular price: $114.99
    • Rental Furnace monthly fee: AMA member price (with 20% discount): $60.00
      Regular price: $74.99

At Reliance Home Comfort, you can choose to buy a AC unit or consider renting one.

Why Buy?

  • Pros: If money is no problem, you can buy one and be done with it without having to deal with monthly rental fees. (By investing and owning it outright, it could be a good selling feature should you be in the market to sell your home.
  • Cons: Consider purchasing a protection plan as you would be responsible for all maintenance and repairs once the warranty expires.

Why Rent?

  • Pros: You won’t have to pay any money up front or worry about possible future added expenses – such as ongoing maintenance and repairs. Plus, when you rent a furnace and/or system you receive a humidifier and upgraded media filter at no charge.
  • Cons: Check the minimum monthly rental term requirements. Reliance Home Comfort requires you to sign a 7-year agreement. However, the plus side to this is that yearly maintenance is included in the monthly rental fee which includes free replacement filters and humidifier pads on a system rental. If you rent just the Air Conditioner you also receive free protection on your furnace. So if your furnace breaks down, Reliance fixes it for FREE!