Tips For Driving in Hail

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You’re travelling on the road when suddenly, all hail breaks loose. While most hailstorms last only a few minutes, it can seem like an eternity when you’re driving through one. You can’t help but wonder if there will be any damage to your vehicle, windshield or another window that could result in injury to yourself and passengers, or startling you and causing a collision.

When you encounter hail on the road, you need to follow the same precautions as driving in heavy rain, and:

  • If you are able to, your first and best option is to leave the road and park in a safe covered area that is not likely to flood, like a gas station with an awning.
  • If no shelter is available and you are certain no tornado warnings have been issued, you can seek shelter under a bridge with your hazard lights on for a short period – but only if there is enough room on the shoulder of the road.
  • If you are not able to seek shelter, pull off the road as far as possible, turn on your hazards, and remain in the vehicle, keeping your face turned away from windows.
  • While stopped, remain in your vehicle until the hail has passed over, to prevent possible injury.