5 Signs You May Need a New Battery

You leave the house on your way to work knowing you have a full day ahead. But when you try starting the car, nothing happens. You call AMA to come help, and start wondering how to explain to your boss that you’re going to be late. How could this be happening? It isn’t even that cold out.

Batteries don’t just fail when it’s -30°C, they fail all the time. But if you pay attention, you can spot the signs that your battery might not have the all the cold cranking amps that it used to.

5 Signs You May Need a New Battery

    1. The headlights dim or the heater motor slows down when you come to a stop.
      You’re cruising down the road and everything seems fine, but when you stop at the next red light, your headlights seem to dim a little bit or your heater fan slows down. This is an early sign that your battery may be failing.
    2. The engine turns over slowly.
      If your engine is sluggish to turn over, it is likely that your battery is failing. Especially true if this is happening when it isn’t -30°C.
    3. You’ve needed a lot of boosts lately.
      If neighbours and co-workers are suddenly avoiding you in the parking lot, your recent repeated asks for a boost might mean your battery doesn’t have the power it used to.
    4. You turn the key and nothing happens.
      No running engine, no dashboard lights, no going anywhere. It might not be the battery, but it’s the best place to start.
    5. Your battery is older than 3 years.
      An average car battery life in Alberta is 3-5 years. While batteries can last longer, they might not have the cold cranking amps needed to get you through a cold Alberta winter. Once your battery passes its 3rd birthday, it should be tested yearly before each winter arrives.

If you think your ride might need a new battery, get a quote on a new battery and our CAA Battery Service will come to you and install it for free.  You can also go to any Lube City location in Alberta, where you’ll get a CAA Premium Battery installed at the same price, plus you’ll earn 15% back in reward dollars!

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