So You Want to Get Your Driver's Licence! Now What?

Being able to drive is great. You can get to friend’s house or to hockey practice more independently, and getting to school while playing tunes in your car is way better than being on a crowded bus.

But driving is a big responsibility, and it can even feel a bit scary. Plus, if you’re driving your parents’ ride, you know they’ll see any little ding in the paint, and just pray they don’t open the mailbox to find a photo radar ticket one day. That’s where Driver’s Ed comes in!

Driver’s Ed is important for a ton of reasons. Read on to find out why you need it, and how to convince your parents to pay for it!


It’ll Make You Feel like a Confident Adult

Driving for the first time is pretty scary. Lessons help new drivers feel more confident, and hands-on experience makes anyone feel more prepared. Confidence behind the wheel leads to fewer collisions.

It’s important you develop safe, proactive driving habits and skills for life with a quality driver education school. Parents or other non-professional teachers often pass on sloppy habits to the teens they’re teaching. A good instructor will drill good practices into you. The last thing you want is to fail your road test because Dad forget to teach you that a rolling stop isn’t actually a thing and is, in fact, illegal.

Also, sometimes parents aren’t always the easiest to learn from. They’re nervous about their “baby” being all grown up and behind the wheel, and it can sometime be a stressful experience for everyone. But our government certified driving instructors have trained over 880,000 students in Alberta to be safe drivers. That’s a lot more than your dad has.


Driver’s Ed Will Make You More Responsible

No offence, but teens are not the best drivers. Statistics show that teens are more easily distracted than more experienced drivers, and people 16-24 years old are the most likely to get into a serious collision. They also tend to make irresponsible decisions more often, like drinking before driving.

Driver’s Ed is a combination of getting practice behind the wheel with an experienced driver plus learning the rules of the road and essential basic manoeuvers. AAA found that teens who take Driver’s Ed are four per cent less likely to get in an crash and 40 per cent less like to get tickets for driving violations, like speeding.


It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

When you register with AMA Driver Education, you’ll reap the benefits of our 78 years of experience and it’s more affordable than you or your parents may think. AMA offers a range of courses, from Basic to Ultimate, with a wide range of prices. We also offer a new super affordable option: The Safe Performance Value Program.

This course is an affordable introduction to driver education that lets you:

  • Choose between 15 hours of online lessons or 18 hours of traditional classroom. (Yes! Online! So you can do it in your pajamas in your room)
  • Get 4 hours of one-on-one in-vehicle lessons with an instructor.
  • Get picked up at an AMA centre.
  • Learn basic manoeuvres including right turns, left turns, merging, hill parking and parallel parking.

 ‘Rents still think it’s too expensive? Remind them that:

  • Going with the cheapest Driver’s Ed course means you might be cutting corners, such as working with instructors who are not at the top of their game. AMA only has the best instructors who are government certified and teach the most up-to-date techniques.
  • A cheaper option also might mean that you’ll only be taught the skills to pass the test, while AMA takes a holistic approach. We focus on teaching you everything you need to know so that you are prepared for real world situations.
  • Teens with Drivers Ed are a whole 40 per cent less likely to get the kind of tickets that will drive up the cost of your parent’s insurance premiums.
  • Some Driver’s Ed classes will mean you get a discount on your insurance premium right off the top (Note that the Safe Performance Value Program isn’t one of them, but AMA’s Basic, Premium and Ultimate program are eligible)

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