Give Your Teen a Solid Start to Driving

When your teen is ready to start driving, you’ll probably have a few conflicting thoughts:

  • You’ll be ecstatic that soon you’ll no longer have to drive to soccer practice (yes!)
  • You’ll be worried that your baby is going to be behind the wheel of 1600kg of glass and steel (worried about them, and also for other drivers on the road)

Although AMA can’t stop you from wanting to baby your baby, we can help you feel more comfortable with the whole process. With over 78 years of education and training experience, AMA’s Driver Education has trained over 880,000 students in Alberta to be safe drivers. Your teen is in good hands with AMA.



  • AMA is all about safety. We only work with government-certified driving instructors who teach the safest and most up-to-date driving techniques.
  • Additionally, some other driving schools only focus on the skills needed to pass the test, while AMA takes a holistic approach. We focus on teaching teens everything they need to know so they’re prepared for real world situations.



  • Yes, Driver’s Ed can be a bit pricey. But, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Going with the cheapest Driver’s Ed course means you might be cutting corners, such as working with instructors who are not at the top of their game or sacrificing important in-car time.
  • If you look at the long game, Driver’s Education will save you money. Every time your teen gets a speeding ticket or other moving infractions, it bumps up the price of your insurance premiums. AAA found that people with Driver’s Ed training are a nearly 40 per cent less likely to get those kind of tickets, which will help keep your insurance payments reasonable.
  • Additionally, your teen having Driver’s Ed might mean a discount in your insurance (over having a teen with no training). Make sure to ask though – not all programs result in this, but generally the more in-depth ones do.

When you think about the cost to register your teen for our Safe Performance Value program, compared to what it would cost for a couple of concert tickets or a gaming console, you really are saving money while giving them a solid start for safe driving for life.



With AMA’s Safe Performance Value program, your teen will get a solid introduction to driver education. Parents or other non-professional teachers often pass on sloppy habits to the new driver they’re teaching, such as rolling stops and checking cellphones at red lights. A good instructor will drill good practices into your teen. We teach:

  • Basic manoeuvres including right turns, left turns, merging, hill parking and parallel parking.
  • Important life-saving habits like buckling up, combating distracted driving, driving at safe speeds and making sure not to drink and drive. There are some of the factors that, when ignored, put new drivers, particularly teens, at the highest risk of a fatality.



AMA offers a Driver’s Ed program for everyone. Some convenient aspects include:

  • Getting picked up at an AMA centre.
  • Choice of classroom or online: Choose between 15 hours online lessons or 18 hours traditional classroom.
  • Get one-on-one in-vehicle lessons with an instructor.
  • AMA is a one-stop shop: While you’re here we can also help you adjust your auto insurance, schedule a road test, get a licence at our registries counter, and add your teen to your roadside coverage.

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