Safe Driving Tips

There are many things you can do to reduce and minimize your risk of being involved in a collision. By taking the following steps to improve your daily driving behaviour, you will be better prepared.

  • Avoid distractions – move your eyes about every two seconds.
  • Signal all your intentions including in parking lots and on residential roads.
  • Drive to conditions.
  • Dim your high beam lights for oncoming traffic; dim your headlights when you are within 300 metres of oncoming traffic.
  • Keep a safe following distance.
  • Let other traffic merge.
  • Leave the left lane for passing.
  • Use a wave as acknowledgement to other drivers who show courtesy.
  • Avoid passing on the right, especially large vehicles.
  • Don’t drive in other vehicles’ blind spots.
  • Don’t use your horn in anger.
  • Make eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Don’t drive to the right of or directly behind large vehicles

Being a courteous driver makes heavy traffic situations easier to negotiate and makes the road safer for everyone. By showing courtesy to other road users, it may encourage everyone to become more considerate of other drivers.

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