Protecting Yourself From Tailgaters

Tailgaters, in particular can be challenging. Whether they’re doing it because they’re impatient, aggressive, distracted, or just out of habit, you are at risk nonetheless. So, what do you do when other drivers refuse to cooperate? Here’s some tips on what you can do to protect yourself and your passengers:

  • If possible, change lanes to encourage the other driver to pass.
  • Ease off the gas pedal to slow down and encourage other driver to pass.
  • If the tailgater doesn’t pass within a reasonable amount of time, pull over to let them pass.
  • If you can’t change lanes or pull over, increase your following distance with the vehicle ahead; this will give you more space if you have to stop suddenly.
  • Don’t take it personal; the other driver doesn’t know you and may not even be aware that they are following too close.
  • Remember, as a driver you have the most control over the space in front of your vehicle, so always leave yourself an out.

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I am a Fleet Safety Operations Manager with 30 years of experience teaching traffic safety across five provinces, and in four countries. Outside of work, I am an avid traveller, a fervent Flames fan, and a Mustang enthusiast.