Slow Down For Tow Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

To our family of tow truck operators, the highway shoulder is a workplace. And they give it their heart and soul to make sure our members get back on the road, safely. At AMA, we receive over 1,200 calls for roadside assistance every day, so when you see those flashing tow truck lights up ahead, it means our family is hard at work in their office — Alberta’s roads.

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Give Us Room to Work

That’s 1,200 times a day that we hold our breath and hope our highway heroes make it home to their families safe and sound for dinner. You can help make sure our operators enjoy a safer workplace by giving them room to work.

Tow trucks aren’t the only thing to watch out for. Emergency workers — police officers, firefighters, and paramedics — also share that office, and every one of them deserves to have a safe place to work.


Family Comes First

After all, that isn’t just a tow truck or a police car on the side of the road; it’s someone doing their job to make sure your friend, family member, or neighbour gets the help they need, as soon as possible. Just like our tow operators, those folks with the flat tire have people they love waiting for them to come home to, as well.

So when you’re driving in the lane next to an emergency vehicle or tow truck at the side of the road with their lights flashing, slow down to 60 km (or less, if the speed limit is lower). Move over one lane, if possible, to give them room to work safely. If there’s a full lane buffer between you and the emergency vehicle or tow truck, you may continue at the posted speed limit.


Remember: It’s the Law

Fines are double in Alberta if you speed past stopped police vehicles, ambulances, fire, or tow trucks with their lights flashing. But there’s more at stake here than just a hefty fine, isn’t there? Behind the flashing lights is a real person putting their own safety at risk to help protect our loved ones. Slow down, move over safely, and give us room to work.


When I'm not busy advocating for safer roads and communities, I can be found advocating for my children to eat their vegetables and clean their rooms. I'm committed to helping AMA members find the confidence to live their best lives.