Share The Road

Warm weather brings out all types of road users – motorcyclists, bicyclists, more pedestrians, and road maintenance vehicles and crews.

Prepare To Share The Road

  • Scan for motorcyclists and cyclists at intersections
  • Check your blind spots when turning, passing or merging.
  • Scan your crosswalk– if the yellow pedestrian-activated traffic light is flashing, slow to 30 km/h and yield to pedestrians wanting to cross the street.
  • Now that road repair season is about to begin, use extra caution – obey the flag person’s signal, and be prepared to slow down and/or stop when entering work zones.
    Tip: If avoiding a pothole is not possible, you should brake just before impact.


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I am a Fleet Safety Operations Manager with 30 years of experience teaching traffic safety across five provinces, and in four countries. Outside of work, I am an avid traveller, a fervent Flames fan, and a Mustang enthusiast.