Introducing AMA's Roadside Comfort Pet Program

At AMA, we’re not just a tow company, we’re a make-people’s-day-better company.

So today, we’re very excited to introduce AMA’s new Roadside Comfort Pet program. With this new program, we plan to bring a friendly pet along for the ride to keep our members company while we get them back on the road again.

How The Program Works

  • At the time members call for Roadside Assistance, they can also request which animal they would like us to bring along to hold and pet while their vehicle is being tended to.
  • To date, members can choose puppies, rabbits, llamas, and miniature horses. However, there are plans to expand our list of available animals in the near future.

What Our Research Shows So Far

We brought together the finest minds at AMA to research the animals that had the most significant impact on keeping our members happy and calm in otherwise stressful breakdown situations. We found that:

  • Small and fluffy animals produce instant smiles and signs of relief.
  • Larger, fuzzier animals are effective for members who may have grown up around larger farm animals.
  • Unfortunately, our fine-feathered friends did not have the same calming effect.

Watch The Video

See the results from our pilot project to find out what animals helped (and didn’t help) put a smile on their face.

Oh, and by the way – Happy April Fool’s!

I am an Online Content Specialist from Edmonton at the AMA. Am happiest when it is gloriously gloomy outside.