Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew Does The Remembering For You

When it comes to something as predictable as your annual vehicle registration renewal, there’s no reason to have to remember what month your registration expires because we can now take care of the remembering and automatically process it for you.

With Vehicle Registration Auto-Renew AMA members can now sign up once through My Online Account adding a Visa or MasterCard securely behind the AMA firewall. So long as your home address and vehicle ownership doesn’t change, or your credit card doesn’t expire, we’ll continue to process your annual renewals each year until you tell us to stop. We’ll let you know how much the government registration fee is, and what day it gets charged to your card. Then we’ll mail out your licence plate stickers and registration card.

There’s no fee to sign up to automatically renew your vehicle registration, no charge to cancel, and we’re hoping the extra convenience saves you some gas money and time you might otherwise spend taking care of it in person at a registries office.

And while you are in My Online Account marveling at the simplicity of it all, you can check a few boxes to auto-renew your membership, switch to a monthly payment plan, or take advantage of Kids Go Free so your children can take your roadside assistance coverage with them, even when it’s Mrs. Soccermom next door who ran out of gas or got a flat tire.

Each year we’ll send a courtesy email six weeks before the registration expires, just to double check that you’ve paid off those pesky photo radar tickets and haven’t moved or changed your credit card. You can just sit back and enjoy the extra time to yourself.

When I'm not busy advocating for safer roads and communities, I can be found advocating for my children to eat their vegetables and clean their rooms. I'm committed to helping AMA members find the confidence to live their best lives.