How To Top Up Your Windshield Washer Fluid

It’s important to have a clear view when looking out your front windshield while driving.

As part of your regular vehicle maintenance, you should check the fluid levels in your windshield wiper reservoir on a regular basis and top it off when the fluid is getting low. This helps prevent a build-up of dirt and grime on your windshield, making driving both easier and safer.

Windshield wiper fluid comes in several seasonal formulations, so be sure to choose the right windshield washer fluid for the season. Summer fluid has detergents to help get rid of bugs. Winter fluid stays in liquid form even in the coldest weather (usually to -45 C).



  1. Under the hood, there’s a plastic reservoir which should say ‘wiper’ or have a windshield wiper icon on it.
  2. Open the cap.
  3. Pour in windshield washer fluid until the reservoir is full.
  4. Replace the cap.

Hold the jug sideways while it if filling (or use a funnel) to keep it from spilling.

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