Change Your Wiper Blades for Winter

When winter comes around, changing your summer wiper blades to winter wiper blades will help protect your windshield against ice, sleet and snow, so you can see the road clearly.

A set of winter wiper blades is invaluable because:

  • The rubber on winter blades is specifically designed for extreme weather conditions.
  • The rubber is also heavy enough to push away snow and ice and resist buildup.
  • The blades have fewer moving parts that can freeze up or break in the cold.

Wiper blades feature a simple connecting system that makes DIY installation a snap.


In the spring, when the snow and ice is gone, replace your winter blades with a set of summer wiper blades. Wiper blades are critical for safety, but have a short lifespan – six months. Check the blades and replace if they are worn or damaged.

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