How to throw a holiday party and keep your guests safe

The holiday season is around the corner, which means that all of the fun parties are about to start. If you’re thinking about throwing a party yourself, chances are that you’ve got a lot on your mind—from cleaning your house, to menu, decorations, music, the works. As a host, the ultimate goal is for your guests to have a good time and get home safely. We have some tips to help you out.

Provide drink options: Plan to provide alcohol-free beverages for those guests who don’t want to drink. Sure, there’s water, pop and coffee that you can and should offer but making non-alcoholic drinks fun might better entice people to drink them. There are a lot of cool recipes out there to try. Also keep in mind that people tend to drink more when they serve themselves, so consider having a bartender, whether you hire someone or ask a trusted friend to do the job. Another option is to have shot glasses on hand to encourage guests to pour standard amounts of liquor into their drinks, rather than free-pouring.

Feed your guests: Providing something to snack on will help prevent your guests from drinking on an empty stomach. The best options contain protein and starch, like meat, cheese and dip trays. Salty and greasy foods are delicious, but tend to make people thirstier. Keep the snacks flowing throughout the night, replenishing the dishes if need be.

Keep guests busy: If drinking isn’t the main focus of your event, your guests are less likely to drink excessively. When you start planning your party, think of some activities your guests will enjoy, like playing a fun game or drawing door prizes.

Last call: Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party wraps up. Bring out light snacks, with coffee, tea and water. If you’re worried that putting alcohol away will damper the mood, mix more of those delicious mocktails you found recipes for.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re hosting a party, but making sure that your family and friends are safe and get home safely should be your top priority. Encourage them to use public transportation or take a taxi home. Keep some cash handy and a list of phone numbers of taxi companies in your area.

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